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September 02, 2009



So adorable Louise!! I can't stand how cute everything is...what a cute window display!


Oh my goodness, too much adorableness! Those owls are just so sweet, and all the other animals you made too. Your so clever and insprirational. It makes me feel like sewing now.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Louise!!!!!!!!! I love it. I want to brush up against it all and try and absorb it by osmisis!
It was well worth the wait. I'm glad to see the burlap got a look in. I covet those owls!!! Congratulations. You have exceeded yourself and after the nesting dolls I would not have thought that was possible. What a lucky shop owner salvage has. I feel very inspired now. May I post a link with one of your lovely photos?


completely adorable!

Holly in Virginia, USA

holy smokies, that window display is SENSATIONAL! I could just picture a toddler sitting there (having escaped from his mum or dad) playing with all the owls....totally absorbed in his/her playworld.

I do wish that store was in my town!
Holly in VA, USA


Louise it's fantastic! I love how it all came together. I'm so happy to finally be back online so I can see how it has all come together. Just perfect, you must be so pleased. I really wish I had one of those "handy with a jigsaw" husbands, lucky you :)


I think I need one of those owls. I keep coming back to them....


Sigh (that's one of those, ah, I'm in heaven sighs).
I have been enjoying your blog and the archives for months now, but finally have the time to write and ask if you have a pattern for the little birds. I'm part of a homeschooling group that does lots of amateur birding, and would love to try my hand at some for Christmas gifts... I checked your etsy store first... do you sell/share?

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