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February 18, 2009



Very Very Cute!!!!


...I'd love to have her for sure...so, keeping my fingers crossed, I thank you so much for this delightful chance!

Hugs from Italy,


When my cousin got married and spent her honeymoon in Australia, I asked her to pick me up a copy of the Softies book. So nice to know that regular ole' Americans will be able to find this on the shelves, too. Such fun to look through. And I'd *love* to give one of your Mabels a home!


without appearing greedy I think Mabel needs to go with the rest of the gorgeous toys I have of yours

Christine Endres

Having a son and family in New York and loving New York this would be a dear little friend for them to have


So very cute!! I made one for my mum for Xmas and haven't got around to making one for myself.... having a Mabel made by you for me would be lovely.. if I am lucky enough!

Patricia Fernando

She is so cute! I would be a glad if i was picked.


julie jobson

recently i had the pleasure of looking after my 10 year old neice, she was flicking through my copy of softies and when asked which one she liked the best, she chose mabel monkey.just thought you would like to know.


Miss Mabel is so so cute! Would love to give her to my daughter!


Congratulations Lulubelle!


She is so so cute!

Deborah Crawford Poxon

Recently arrived in Australia, I was excited to discover softies! I took the book out of the library and there and then had to make Mabel, she is the cutest softie in the book!

Heather Lavrent

I purchased the latest Softies book yesterday with ambitious goals to attempt to make your creations within, but to have a 'professionally made' Mabel would be by far the best option! Eva would love her. Please and thank you...


I picked up a copy of this book last week and just love it! So glad to have discovered your blog.


You know I would be here..(hee..hee)
Love Him!!! That little crown just tops the cake.

Ulla V.

I would love to join, but sadly I can't seem to enter gina's page from your link...I will have a look back here later on ;0)


she is just darling! I would so love to be in the running!


I was so excited when the book came out that even though I live in the US, I searched until I found one in Australia! I don't regret the extra work one bit...the book is just too amazing to wait for! Thank you for the patterns you provided-Mabel Monkey was the first one I made!


I should be doing my housework but would rather look at your blog anyday. Thank you, Lissa.


Miss Mabel is entirely adorable and would be most welcome here. She would have plenty of company with a sock monkey and a large hug of bears. Your site and pictures of summer are a nice tonic for me here in the northeast USA where we are experiencing a particularly chilly winter!


I hope Mabel can come stay with me in the USA.Also I would love to see what Prairie's friends make at her birthday party.Hope you post pics.


You make such wonderful creatures , I'd love to win one !

lucykate crafts...

she looks very cute in her new outfit! not that she didn't look cute before, but love the hat : )


Please enter my name. She is so cute! :-) I will have to check that book out.


Maybe a little monkey would like to come and live in the cotswold in the UK.

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