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March 10, 2008



You have GOT to write a birthday party ideas book! Your pictures and the planning that went into it just brings me to my knees. You are fabulous girl! xx


wow! that looks like it was quite a bit of work--but well worth it. great idea! and great job!


Wow! What a great mom! What a great idea!


Wow! What a great mom! What a great idea!


Wow! What a great mom! What a great idea!

Mama Urchin

A wonderful party idea!

lucykate crafts...

it looks an amazing party, you were very brave making so many dolls for them all. i think nurturing children's creative side can so often be underestimated. we went to a birthday party at the weekend, there was a bouncy castle but, both lucy and luke gravitated towards the craft table instead.

Emma Cochrane

OMG that looks like the best party ever. Hope Prairie had a great time. Do you do 27th birthday parties?

xxx Emma

Maggie Pie

That is special....sounds like the party was great fun.


Just marvelous, your attention to detail as always simply amazes me!



What a wonderful mom you are! This will be a fabulous memorie for Prairie...congrats on the b-day party of the year!


you just amaze me !!!


Wow Lou what an amazing party. I bet those girls won't forget it in a hurry. You must be knackered but a nice sort of knackered I guess.

maize hutton

OMG! I wanna come to Prairie's Party!

maize hutton

OMG! I wanna come to Prairie's Party!


Stealing, yep, I totally am. What a fab party idea. Love prairies doll too!


Oh my gosh, you are FABULOUS! I would have died to get an invite to a party like that when I was a girl.

Wow! So incredible!!


Such a great idea for a party, what a nice mammy to make all those dolls.
Lisa x

happy zombie

You are the best mom ever!!!!! I'm in awe, pure awe. You're amazing SP!!!!!!

Ulla V.

A warm, big, fantastic and inventive heart must be what you have as a mom... :0)

I have never ever heard about an idea like yours - I admire this SO much....good for you that the girls loved it dearly, after all your preparations! You definitely deserve it :0)


I love this idea. What fun!


I love this idea. What fun!

jenny holiday

Totally fantastic!!! Everything about it!! Perfect!!

Love your creations!! Love your blog!!

xoxo Jenny
New Jersey


Great party plan! I never had parties for my boys but I may have to do something like this with my daughter.


these dolls are so amazing and so are you!! What a great mum you are. They are so beautiful!!!

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