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April 28, 2007


stephanie s

oh, i am so sorry to hear about jupey... but i have to say i love your shine on message to him, i am sure he knows.
and, that power deal? i had to have my power source fixed (new one...) earlier this year. apparently it is a known issue, i realize that doesn't make it better - it made me pretty snarly while at the apple store - but since fixed i haven't had any more problems.. good luck.


I'm sorry about your kitty. They are funny sometimes and just go off. I hope he finds his way back! I love your machine - Prairie did some lovely work - she seems to have inheireted your talent!
Good luck with your Mac!


Sorry to hear about Jupey. Miracles do happen though and I have had cats dissappear for weeks only to suddenly show up again. So don't give up just yet! I love the flower machine! How cute and perfect for a budding seamstress!


What a great little machine and perfect for learning on. Good luck with it! I'm sure you'll have many great memories with it.

And so sorry about the little lost kitten. Perhaps he's just gone for a very long walkabout? Maybe he'll come back in a few days - dirty but happy to be back home?



I've missed so much - your birthday, the lovely doll you gave away and now Prairie's sewing advetures. What have I been doing! I hope you had a great birthday and sorry to hear about your computer. I'll give you a ring soon.

Happy Zombie

Congratulations on your little Blossom! She's adorable! Mimi's so excited she has a down under cousin!

I'm so sorry to hear about your Jupey Boy. I know what pets bring to a family, and I'm so sad for you. Let's just hope Jupey is having a great time. I picture him with a red and white polka dot knapsack at the end of stick touring the countryside.

little jenny wren

Your poor little kitty. I hope he is OK wherever he is.

The sewing machine looks so cute , my daughter would love it.


Sewing side by side - sounds wonderful!

lucykate crafts

that sewing machine is fab!


Hi, it's good to find another Kiwi crafty blog. I heve been eyeing up that cute Janome machine for my own daughter. So funny to see you had also seen the Hello Kitty ones!! I'd love it if they were available in NZ.

Maggie Faast

When I first moved here Jenny Wren went missing..for over three weeks...but one day she showed up..very thin and very happy to see me...Maybe just maybe jupey has just gone walk about.

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